LoL Patch 9.20 – Detailed Hero Changes in the Update


We have another League of Legends update ahead of us. In this regard, Riot has published detailed changes to be made.

We already knew which characters would be strengthened and which would get nerves. Now Riot is revealing more information on this topic.

Mark Yetter, who has repeatedly informed about the changes again gave us an exact list of what the studio is currently working on.

Patch 9.20

Thanks to this, we know that a total of three characters will undergo really big changes. They are Viktor, Shaco, and Garen.


  • Qiyan
    • Base damage changed from 80-160 to 60-160
  • Pantheon
    • Base damage changed from 75-235 to 75-216
  • Blitzcrank
    • Base armor changed from 44 to 40
    • Armor level changed from 4 to 3.5


  • Iverna
    • AA range changed from 125 (melee) to 475 (range)
  • Lissandra
    • Armor changed from 20.216 to 22
    • Passive ability
      • AP converter changed from 30 to 50%
    • (IN)
      • AP converter changed from 50 to 70%
  • Varus
    • AD changed from 59 to 61
    • Mana cooldown changed from 7.34 to 8

In addition, we learned about the changes between the three characters that have been described in more detail. We are in the process of translating, which should appear soon.