Demon Hunter Sombra forgotten? Skin withdrawn from the test server


Many people are waiting for this skin for Sombra, is Blizzard trying to forget about it?

Demon Hunter Sombra is described by many people as the best skin in Overwatch. Many people have been waiting for her this year and it may not be available eventually.

At the moment, practically nothing is known, and yet BlizzCon around the corner.

Demon Hunter Sombra in 2019

Blizzard has already spoken quite a long time ago that the skin will be available later in 2019. We have three months left and of course BlizzCon. Everyone thought that with the announcement of additional content on BlizzCon, Blizzard would also mention Sombra.

Meanwhile, not only nothing was said, but the skin from the test server was also withdrawn. According to the Reddit user with the nickname Classic_Lee, the skin is neither in the store nor in the players’ closet.

It is not known whether Demon Hunter will be available on BlizzCon day, or whether the studio has changed plans to release this skin.