What Does “Loss Prevented” Mean in League of Legends?


What is “loss prevented” and what is its meaning in League of Legends?

Every League of Legends player knows when he gets a series of losses or wins. However, not everyone knows what the so-called “Failure is prevented.”

Failure is prevented – when and why?

When a player loses a game that is completely out of his control, the loss prevention function is activated.

Sometimes there are problems in the game that are not affected by any player. Among other things, it is server instability or an error in the game itself, which hinders the gameplay of a large number of people. So if the problem is on the part of Riot Games, it is activated loss prevented or prevented defeat.

If the player disconnects of his own free will, has problems with his internet provider or his computer is malfunctioning – the fault for failure lies on his side.

Riot Games

What happens when the game is “loss prevented”?

When the game in League of Legends ends in a non-standard way (for the reasons mentioned earlier) or Riot finds that the game was hampered by server errors, it has the signature “prevented failure.” This means that if it’s a failure, it doesn’t count as a win, lose or draw. Nothing is lost for her. It’s almost as if the game didn’t happen at all. However, if the difficult game ends with a win – the winning team gets only half the LP for it.

In addition, if you lose in the middle of the promotional series, it will not be counted as a loss.

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How to check if failure has been prevented in a given game?

After quitting unsuccessful games, instead of “winning” or “losing” in the LoL client, the words “failure is prevented ” will appear. It will also be signed in this way in-game history.