This Is the End of Cooperation Between Twitch and Blizzard. There Will Be No Extension of the Contract for 90 Million?


Twitch has ended cooperation with Blizzard under a previous contract. The question arises, what now?

Twitch had a contract with Blizzard to exclusively broadcast Overwatch League games. This contract was a bit strange, because the games also flew on other platforms, including VOD television services.

Now according to Rod Breslau, Twitch will not decide for such a second time.

Will there be 90 million dollars?

We remind you that the previous contract was signed for 90 million dollars. According to her, the games were to be broadcast on Twitch. The end of the second season of the Overwatch League also means the end of the partnership agreement between Activision Blizzard, on the streaming service.

As Rod Breslau believes, Twitch will not spend that much again on broadcasting rights. And although this is probably not confirmed information, it can be hit.

The question is whether Blizzard will direct its steps towards the Microsoft platform or whether Mixer will not be their goal at the moment and they will decide to lower their price.

After all, the Overwatch League is a tasty morsel

It is difficult to say how many real people are watching OWL. People often start broadcasts just to get free rewards. Ultimately, however, the league is quite a good source of the audience, for a long time she kept Overwatch in the TOP 5 games on Twitch.