The Best Suggestion for a Joker Skin That Could Get to Fortnite


It is possible that with the premiere of the movie Joker, new skin will be added to Fortnite.

The Joker movie is expected to appear in theaters on October 4. It is speculated that it might not only come to theaters, but also to Fortnite. Fortnite X Batman’s collaboration has stimulated players’ imagination and it’s hardly surprising.

Joker would be a really nice addition, and if done well it could be one of the most popular skins.

The previous proposals were somehow “broken”. This one is at a high level.

At the moment there is no major evidence that the Joker will actually be in Fortnite, but many people certainly count on it.

Before Epic Games a hot period, the new season is about to begin. We’re curious if they could handle Joker there.