Blizzard Scores a Slip-up and Does Not Award Prizes for Watching the Overwatch League


Players have another reason to complain about.

Overwatch players massively report errors with the awarding of prizes. Errors, that is, hardly anyone got anything for watching Overwatch League.

We remind you that officially players were to receive special prizes for watching broadcasts from the finals.

Meanwhile, virtually no one received them. The level of irritation of the community was so high that Blizzard had to create an official forum post saying that the whole thing is delayed, but everyone will get their icons and sprays.


This is not the first such action and it is a bit like the start of seasonal events. So Blizzard knows exactly that something is not working and there will probably be problems and nothing at all.

It is strange that when problems occurred, the official information about sprays and icons simply disappeared from the main page. Entering the old news, 404 pops up.

This time you have to praise the blue studio because it was very fine and a message was issued. Normally you had to guess.