Upcoming Shyvana Changes in League of Legends Were Revealed

Riot Games

Shyvana changes are coming, what are Riot Games testing?

Riot Games is currently testing a few changes regarding Shyvana. What can change and how will it affect its current state?


If you’ve ever played Shyvana, you probably know that her red bar doesn’t fill up when she’s dead. That’s why he has big problems later in the game and can’t use the dragon too often, which weakens her a lot.

Employees are currently testing changes to generate fury points while the pacifier will watch the gray screen.

In addition, her passive, wishing for the death of her family (dragons), will also be slightly changed. An older dragon will be added to it and will now scale it.

Such a procedure will allow her to use her super ability more often, which is crucial in every fight and it is hard to do without her. We can safely say that Shyvana is currently very situational, and after his death in teamfight and a quick return to defending objects, he is very limited. Riot Games has a difficult task now, we must improve its fury points and additionally balance everything.

If the tests pass, Shyvana will go to the official servers and maybe even to the finish.