LoL for Phone Is to Have 30 Characters and Be Available on the Chinese Phone OPPO


New information has appeared on the network regarding the official League of Legends version for the phone.

The first reports about the number of characters appeared a few days ago, but they did not seem very reliable. However, they mentioned the Chinese phone manufacturer and the OPPO name.

Yesterday evening, many years of cooperation between Riot Games and OPPO were announced. In that case, it seems that there may actually be some truth in all of this. However, this is still unconfirmed.

According to leaks, there will be about 30 characters on the phone in LoL. All of them are listed below:

Over time, more heroes will be added. Interestingly, in addition to the list of characters, we also have a screenshot of probably – the mobile version of League of Legends.


We would like to remind you that, according to leaks, LoL Mobile is to be available on the Chinese OPPO phone first. Yesterday, however, Riot announced the beginning of many years of cooperation with this brand.

By 2024, OPPO is expected to provide content on MVP tournaments, show behind-the-scenes shots, and track the entire scene. The company sees great potential in League of Legends as an ideal way to communicate with younger recipients who are targeted by phones.

Cooperation will allow us to celebrate each victory together.

We will see the first effects of cooperation on October 2.

However, we are much more interested in the mobile League of Legends theme. It is very possible that indeed OPPO will not only be used to handle e-sports events but will also have LoLa on the phone for some time only available to yourself. The author of the leak, however, does not mention what the period will be.

However, it can be assumed that OPPO may be a kind of test server. First, the functions will come out there, then everywhere. Something like Playstation 4 and Call of Duty.