How Does Riot Evaluate Afks in TFT and Getting Tokens?

Riot Games

Riot commented on being afk and getting tokens at Teamfight Tactics.

The creators announced small changes in relation to the awards from the World Cup 2019 mission. What is the situation for people entering TFT and leaving afk?

No tokens for afk players

One of the Rioters announced on Twitter that some changes have been implemented in relation to the missions on the occasion of the World Championships 2019. As we mentioned, Riot decided to join TFT to the pool of modes where you can get tokens (and thus – various rewards).

There was a risk that some players would go the easy way and at some point, Tactical Skirmishes would go afk, and tokens would “fool themselves”. Therefore, the specification was introduced.

Afk players should no longer receive event tokens in Teamfight Tactics.

Questions quickly appeared from the players’ side. How is being afk defined? What if many people play TFT because they have been able to leave the computer for a while without consequences?

“Can we get an explanation of what” afk “means? I tend to alt-tab and work while playing TFT. I do a few things here and there during the game. Will these changes affect me? I only play TFT normals, ”writes one player.

Yes, I’ve seen this question several times. The patch has been specifically designed to prevent you from joining the game, doing anything, getting tokens, and replaying everything again.

If the player and the time of your active game is greater than being afk – everything is fine. You will receive tokens.