Fortnite X Marvel? Iron Man and Doctor Doom


Players have noticed that the latest trailer for one of the Fortnite skins is something like …

Both Epic Games and the Fortnite community itself love this type of reference. It turns out that in the latest trailer with the P-1000 skin, Epic decided to refer to one of Marvel’s films.

This is not the first such situation and it is possible that this is some kind of preview of the next (yes!) Cooperation.

One player has prepared a special comparison of both trailers. With Iron Man and P-1000.

However, this is not all. Donald Mustard not only recently wrote a very mysterious sentence on Twitter but also changed his banner to the graphics of Doctor Doom.

Is this a full-fledged announcement of cooperation? It’s difficult to say, but maybe the 11th season will bring us more surprises than you think.