Console Players Complain That in Their Games There Are Only “Playing as 10 Million”

It turns out that soon players will also face bots.

Console players began to complain strongly about the new way of selecting players.

Skill-based player matching has recently been introduced to Fortnite. It took only a few days for the first stronger complaints to appear.

It is mainly about console players who were probably not prepared for the PC level.

“As if they were playing for 10 million”

One Twitter user has highlighted the problem. Then his entry was on the Reddit main page. What exactly is going on?

Players complain that their lobby is full of PC players, who in Poland are often called “sweaters”. It is about people who play as if every match was to be a tournament for big money.

Reddit users point out that good consoles are in the gray area, where they are better than most people on consoles, but are not able to compete with good PC players.