Fortnite Becomes the New Minecraft in Terms of Hate?


Fortnite is currently going through a difficult period and it seems that comparing it with Minecraft can really be accurate.

Minecraft is currently experiencing its second youth, but it was once an extremely hated title. Is Fortnite the same thing? Is this already happening?

Minecraft was once extremely insulted

Minecraft was definitely the most hated title in Poland a few years ago. Mainly because Mojang was literally everywhere – on YouTube, on streams, in stores. Everyone played with him. At one point he was hailed as a game for children and he was incredibly hated in every possible place on the network.

It was difficult to do anything related to Minecraft at the time because it was immediately met with a lot of negative comments. Something similar can now be seen with Fortnite.

It is not yet on such a scale, but even under entries on Facebook groups or Fortnite dedicated profiles, you can find a note of Minecraft hates from years ago.

History will happen again?

Minecraft sank into the ground for several years and was observed only by a specific group of recipients. Many Youtube developers who have dealt with Minecraft explicitly admit that they feel exactly like those a few years ago.

Statistics on their channels devoted only to the production of Epic Games are starting to decrease. People already have their favorite creators and are not looking for new content on several Youtubers at once. Even in Poland, there are channels that, although they have several hundred thousand subscriptions, count only a few thousand views on the film.

The popularity of Fortnite

Fortnite according to Google Trends begins to fly down, but is it statistics that are worth worrying about? We will say right away that we will not.

Google trends are based on the number of searches for a given phrase in Google. Today, most people know exactly where to look for Fortnite information, what sites and channels to visit to learn something new. Hence looking at the number of searches is very unbelievable.

On the other hand, for sure, Fortnite is no longer an easy opportunity to stand out, it already has an established community expecting specific content. Whoever does not fit in a certain outline simply begins to disappear.