New Graphic Effects Have Been Discovered Related to the Event Alert in Fortnite


New graphic effects seem to confirm that soon the sirens will begin to howl in Fortnite.

There should be a new event at Fortnite soon. According to many voices, we may experience it this weekend. However, this has not been confirmed in any way.

People searching the game’s files indicate that this time the siren will howl again.

Upcoming event at Fortnite

The upcoming event will no doubt be associated with a rocket that has recently been fully completed. In connection with the start, we will probably hear and see the sounds of sirens.

One player shows exactly what the sirens will look like.

In earlier leaks, we could even hear it (we warn you not to fire at school, because everyone will look strangely).

When will the event start?

Epic Games usually organizes events on Saturday. However, there are no major signs at the moment that it will be this Saturday. Soon, however, we should see something like a countdown, maybe signs on TVs, etc.