Blizzard Has Sunk Underground Again Overwatch


Blizzard for some reason does not like to contact players.

Blizzard has become a very difficult studio when it comes to contact with players. There are periods, such as the one when information from the creators is practically gone.

And it’s clear that BlizzCon is ahead of us, but only in a month.

Assuming that we won’t get any response from the creators to BlizzCon 2019, we have 3 months of almost complete silence when it comes to the creators of Overwatch. What do we mean by “silence”?

The leading people in the studio simply sank into the ground. They are not on the forum, they do not respond to players, there are no new videos with messages from the creators, there are no interviews. On the occasion of the premiere of Switch, there was really little information about the future of Overwatch

And although the videos on Youtube come out, they do not bring anything new.

BlizzCon is ahead of us

Of course, Blizzcon 2019 is ahead of us, but it shouldn’t be that Blizzard is burying itself in its world for several months, because it is getting ready for the annual event. There is no contact with the community, which was two years ago and it is very visible. We mentioned that more and more people from Team Overwatch are being transferred to other departments and well, we have the effects of it today.

If it still turns out that the block Bastion was the amazing surprise that was supposed to come in late summer and autumn, the mood before BlizzCon will really be weak.