Will the Mechs Be Permanently Removed From Fortnite?

Epic Games

A leak from Fortnite suggests that the mechs will be permanently removed.

Huge armored mechs were added to the game at the beginning of season 10. Players complained that they are too strong and thus create problems. A leak from Fortnite suggests that these vehicles may be permanently removed.

Fortnite players were waiting for information on what would happen to the mechs, which according to many were not a good addition to the game. They disturbed the balance and the pleasure of the game because they turned out to be too strong and difficult to beat.

On September 25, in the game files after the weekly update, there was a mysterious picture of the vehicle mentioned and suggestions that it might be mastered by a virus (or another vulnerability will come across it).

Epic Games

This would mean that the brutal mechs will have various vulnerabilities (marked with a skull symbol on the graphic). Knowing this can help you destroy vehicles quickly and easily.

Epic Games have long defended their mechs after they met with widespread criticism after introducing them not only to normal games, but also to tournaments. After a response from players who demanded to remove vehicles from the game, they waited for a response from the creators themselves.

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In August, Epic tried to explain why the brutal mechs should stay in Fortnite. As it turns out, they were supposed to give inexperienced players a better chance of winning.

In support of these words, even graphics with a graph have been made available. According to statistics, the average number of eliminations performed by these vehicles per match is actually quite low. The numbers show that there are usually 1 to 6 eliminations caused by mechs per match.

Epic Games

Epic has not yet confirmed any mech control virus, although there is a good chance that it will appear in the game in the near future.