Players Are Afraid That the 90 Bots Will Be Too Strong

Epic Games

The bots were already in season and they also made the famous 90s.

In season 10, and more specifically in update 10.40, which has already been released on the servers, bots have been added. Artificial intelligence that will accompany players.

As you would expect, they will not be ordinary bots, which, as in other titles, walk and hit one in 30 shells. In Fortnite they will also be able to build and shoot well. The following video shows 90, made by artificial intelligence in season 8.

If this was one of the basic skills of each player two seasons ago, how will it look today? Probably Epic Games has improved their robots and now they will move more smoothly, build faster and shoot more accurately.

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Maybe they will also have their own levels and the better our skills are, the better bots we will hit. The very introduction of them on servers is controversial, the title does not have to complain about the lack of players, so topping up servers with such inventions is quite strange and unexpected. We are curious if the new technology will match the players and how many games will win. Probably the creators will provide statistics at the end of the season, or a little later.