In Cyberpunk 2077 It Is No Use to Look for Empty Buildings and Undeveloped Spaces


The creators of Cyberpunk 2077 ensure that the game has been stuffed to the brim.

Cyberpunk will offer players a huge world. There were many fears about the network that apart from the main parts of the city there would be slightly more empty locations.

This was answered by the developers of CD Projekt RED, who say that it certainly will not be.

You will not find empty buildings and locations

Marthe Jonkers assures that although Night City is huge, the creators took care of the amount of details on the map. Hence, there is not even one building or room that seems empty to us.

Wherever we go, we have a great opportunity to explore and explore the world.

We’ve made sure that something interesting appears in every corner.

What does “something interesting” mean? Hard to say. Perhaps it is about additional tasks or specific people with whom you will be able to interact.