Players Complain That Riot Is Not Trying to Create Unique Skins!


Skins more expensive, but is it better?

Recently, one of the Rioters commented on the prices of skins and the demand for them. This would suggest that new skins will be getting better and more refined (thus of course more expensive). How does the case look in practice?

There was a post and a video about the latest skin for Ryze – Championship. The skin was announced at the beginning of September this year, presenting its model, splash art and 2 matching icons.

It didn’t take long for someone to notice that the new Ryze, costing 1350 RP, borrows a lot from another skin, released 3 years ago – SKT T1 Ryze (975 RP).

“To be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t found any posts on this topic yet,” begins the author in his post.

The whole statement refers to the fact that the latest Championship Ryze skin is in many places copy-paste SKT T1 skins: the appearance of auto-attacks, the effect of a skilled stroke, part of the appearance of the ball with E or the animation of preparation for R.

To better illustrate the problem, the author attached a video with a comparison:

Admittedly, the skins in some aspects are very similar, if not identical.

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The author notes that there are no major changes planned for PBE and new skins are close to releases, so it can be assumed that these are not early works in which part of the animation was borrowed.

With Riot’s statements about more expensive skins, the fact that skins for 1350 RP have become the standard, and the creators are slowly moving away from cheaper and less refined skins, the above comparison by Ryz evokes a certain disgust.

The creator of the post does not hide his indignation, pointing out that he loves Ryze himself and generally likes his skins, but he is hurt by the fact that Riot begins to save on his products. Especially since the Championship series is quite exclusive.

Riot Games

Is this the first such move on the part of Riot? Perhaps nobody has checked it so far or it went unnoticed. It remains to be hoped that this is a one-time slip-up and more skins will not borrow animations from their predecessors.