Ninja Full of Fears After Changes in Matchmaking. Smurfs and Stream Sniping

Epic Games/Ninja

Ninja shared his thoughts on the latest changes in matchmaking!

Former professional Ninja player and one of the largest streamers in the world with thousands of hours at Fortnite explains why he is unhappy with the latest player pickup changes!

A new player matching system

Tyler himself was surprised by the new changes. He didn’t expect Epic Games to do that.

In a post from September 23, Epic Games announced on its blog that Fortnite is about to introduce a system for selecting players based on skills. In addition, bots will be added to the game!

As soon as he saw the information, the Ninja laughed and shocked that he didn’t know how he felt about it.

It turns out that soon players will also face bots.

Later, being in the game, he summarized the changes with the words:

I am one of those players that if I wanted to, I could dominate and have fun in tournaments, but doesn’t that make it easier for people who stream snipping?

Ninja’s fears result from a problem that harasses streamers. Players try to get into the game with them and kill at all costs by looking at the location on their stream.

Streamer claims that the matching system based on skills will only encourage this type of internship.

In addition, he mentioned smurfs – players who set up new accounts to dominate weaker opponents. A very popular tactic in games in which there is a ranking, such as League of Legends or even now in the arenas in Fortnite!

Good players don’t always want to play against good players. They will surf and liquidate younger people.

We don’t know yet how players will be selected and what will happen when a weaker player wants to play with a much stronger one. Despite this, it’s difficult to disagree with Ninja. We’ll get an extra handful of smurfs.