When is Halloween 2019 in Overwatch? What can you expect?


Another event before Overwatch players. When will it start and what will be on it?

Halloween is definitely one of the most anticipated events at Overwatch. Mainly for the sake of surprising cosmetic items.

Once it was a dedicated mode, but now it is simply repeated and does not carry much interest.

Overwatch events usually last 3 weeks. Until now, Halloween has been very predictable when it comes to starting, and so the community bets on two dates.

One of them is October 8 – a natural date for Blizzard, falling on their favorite Tuesday. The second date is October 10. Both dates seem really sensible and very likely.

October 10 would be no small exception, because so far seasonal events came out on Tuesdays. Here we would have a small change dictated by the fact that Halloween in Overwatch would have ended before this in reality.

What to expect?

It’s hard to expect groundbreaking novelties after Halloween. We will definitely see new cosmetic items, i.e. skins, emotes, victory poses, graffiti, etc.

The Halloween Horror mode will also come out. There are not many changes here. However, the news regarding JunkerTown changes is interesting.

According to leaks, the map would be looking forward to its darker and darker version.