The Player Has Created a Sigma VR Simulator That Allows You to Tire of Streak in Various Ways


We have learned a few years ago that the Overwatch community is extremely talented.

Now we feel pretty surprised again. One of the players decided to transfer the latest character directly to the world of virtual reality.

He did it really well, and people who do not like Streaks can feel like in paradise.

The simulator allows you to use Sigma skills from the first person. Everyone who has VR at home knows how satisfying it can be to enter the game world directly.

We have working skills here that trigger the imagination. Overwatch on VR would really be a huge breakthrough, while with current technology it would look shabby, and the control would probably be a small nightmare.

Regardless, however, these types of projects are extremely interesting when looking into the future. Will we ever be able to play Overwatch this way? Hard to say. Especially with the proprietary Blizzard engine. Maybe in 50 years.