The New “Naruto Run” Emote Conquers the Hearts of Fortnite Players!

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The latest emote taken from pop culture conquers the hearts of players!

The latest emote known in the game as “Full Tilt” conquers the hearts of players! It is a great reference to culture and the last rally to zone 51! Players have started throwing great ideas for using emotes as well as interesting actions!

To run like Naruto, lean forward and extend your arms back, just as the emote shows. The race regained popularity during the organization of the rally into zone 51. The participants were supposed to run inside with this style. Fortunately, this did not happen, but one of the participants managed to run in front of the live broadcast camera, which caused an avalanche of memes.

Avoiding Missiles?

One of the players showed a great technique to avoid shots. He was riding aboard and with the help of this gear, he managed to avoid a few bullets that would certainly kill him.

It looks like the opponent’s weak aim has helped, but the action looks good!

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Other amazing actions

Of course, as we have already written, Fortnite players are crazy about the new emote and it is clearly visible in the game. It turns out that escaping from a storm in the style of Naruto can be fun!

Fortnite players at the moment:

An interesting situation took place in one of the looser games. Surprised by the storm, it turned out that the players run to the zone in the style of an anime hero! It looked amazing and shows the popularity of emotes!