Russia Is Again Getting Free Prizes. And the EU Can Only Dream


The Russian branch of Riot Games once again makes players surprise.

It turns out that if there were fewer players on the EU, they would probably get extra prizes. This is the case, for example, in Russia, where you will receive a Hextech inbox for playing a Teamfight Tactics ranking match.

This is not the first time the Russians have received something for free. Previously, for example, just for logging in.

Russia and the box for playing a ranked match

As we read on the official Twitter profile, you don’t have to make an effort to get a free Hextech inbox. Just play a ranked match in Teamfight Tactics mode. His result is completely irrelevant.

Riot Games

This is probably related to the lack of interest from Russian players in the new mode. The question is whether something similar will appear in other countries?

Russia is a region that quite often gets something for free. Whether for logging in or playing a regular match in any mode. We have seen examples of this several times in recent months.

For what reason? Hard to say. It seems most sensible to encourage people to play League of Legends. However, this is quite bad for other regions that have not received anything for several months.

Is it also possible in Poland?

And no, yes. Europe has long been regarded as an inferior region that does not receive too many awards. Recently, however, something has started to change in this regard. Soon there will be something special as compensation for the late hours of announcing the 10th anniversary of League of Legends.

However, we would not count on a free mailbox or free items. Rather, it will be limited to some additional attraction or stream.