New Fortnite Map Announced by Loading Screens?

Epic Games

The last two loading screens of Season X have leaked before the 10.40 update!

Something extraordinary is going to happen at the end of season X! There are many rumors and speculations about the new map or the upcoming changes. Login screens have now leaked, strengthening the theory.

A few weeks ago there was a leak of 13 new places on the map, exactly their names. Now we get another, login screens from the ninth and tenth week. All of this was revealed by one of the players involved in digging in the game files, more specifically ShiinaBR .

The first of the screens shows two characters in front of a strange entrance. To the left behind the demonic bear lies a pile of garbage. It reminds us strongly of a post-apocalyptic world, maybe the meteor will do something similar, and we will all have to move to a new map?

The second one presents a scene straight from romantic movies. The characters lined up on one of the cliffs and it looks like they are saying goodbye to the bus that is flying away towards the setting sun. The image also has the signature:

Last station. Thank you, bus driver!

Epic Games

It looks like something interesting is being prepared! It’s possible that the bus has moved everyone to the new map and flew away, or we’ll get a new matchmaking system!

Season XI can be spectacular, we look forward to more information!