Most Players Are in Silver. The Creators of Apex Legends Reveal!


The developers of Apex Legends decided to share data regarding the ranking mode with the players.

The ranked season is slowly coming to an end, due to the upcoming start of season 3 in Apex Legends. The developers decided to reveal what percentage of players were in specific ranks.

Thanks to this, we know that most people were unable to get out of silver.

The distribution of players on specific ranks

Apex Predator currently has 0.2% of players. You can see that reaching this level is extremely difficult.

The specific numbers look really interesting, but they are not particularly surprising. There are slightly more than 5% of people in bronze, while most players sit in silver. Then in gold, platinum, diamond and finally we have Apex Predator.

  • 5.1% Bronze
  • 40.0% Silver
  • 35.7% Gold
  • 16.8% Platinum
  • 2.1% Diamond
  • 0.2% Apex Predator

The 2nd ranked season in Apex begins on October 1, 2019.