“I Will Play One Game for an Hour With Dual Sigma Shields.” Seagull About Why He Won’t Move Overwatch


More and more people at this highest level information that they give up on Overwatch.

Many people indicate that Overwatch was finally torn apart. On the one hand, a lot of things have been devoted to the Overwatch League, and on the other, we have changes that prevent normal people from these top ranks from playing.

All through the queues and the current finish of barriers and shields.

“I’m waiting for 45 minutes to play as DPS”

Seagull is a popular streamer and professional player who made it very clear why Overwatch is currently unplayable for him.

He waits for his matches after 45 minutes, he has not even finished his placements and there is no expectation that he will make them at all.

The player mentions that he does not want to play any of the characters at the current finish line, including Lucio, Moira, Orisa or Sigma – after all, he prefers not to play Overwatch until it looks like this.

This is not the first such situation

Many people mention that Overwatch for high-rank DPS is simply unplayable. Huge queues, which often end with matches showing barriers and shields.

The next update on PST can be really interesting, because Blizzard must somehow respond to these voices. After all, they did a lot of things under the Overwatch League, and now people who are contracted players can’t play ranked matches, just like with lone high scorers.