Preseason 2020 in League of Legends – When and What to Expect


We will know the news for the pre-season 2020 in LoL soon.

At the end of the calendar year, at the end of the season, Riot begins experiments and releases new content to the test server. These changes are much larger than in the middle of the year and boil down to the modification of entire batches of objects or rebuilding the map.

We’ve learned the schedule for publishing information related to new content that we will see as part of the pre-season update. Most news will appear on the anniversary stream.

LoL Preseason 2020

  1. Around October 10, the pre-season 2020 goals will begin to be discussed.
  2. Key news and changes will be revealed as part of the birthday Riot Pls Livestream on October 16 at 3:00.
  3. Soon after, a summary of all major changes in the preseason will appear.
  4. Preseason changes will be released from October 22. The PBE cycle will last about 4 weeks. During this time changes and new content will be tested.
  5. The pre-season for live servers will be released on November 20 in Patch 9.23.

A little earlier Riot had already mentioned planned jungle changes and information about possible changes of support items appeared, but we are only a few weeks away from the details.