The History of Teamfight Tactics Matches Will Be Coming Soon!

Riot Games

Riot is working on the history of matches in Tactical Skirmishes.

Riot answered community questions about work on match history in Tactical Skirmishes. This feature is currently being tested and, as we learned, is expected to be introduced soon into the regular League of Legends version.

This is one of the definitely desirable functions that should be introduced.

Tactical skirmishes

After a sharp drop in audience ratings as well as player interest, Riot strives to improve Teamfight Tactics and provide players with the features they have been asking for for a long time.

One of the Rioters, when asked about match history, answered about the planned release date! So when will we see the history of our heightings?

In a moment! We are currently testing the first version of PT’s match history on the test server and if everything goes well we will launch it in patch 9.19.

We also learned that the mere introduction of a story does not close the topic.

Further, improve history in TFT

Riot already seems to have more ideas to improve the story and how we managed to determine – in a few patches will be the next version.

Once it starts working, we will try to improve it. Expect an update and a more polished version a few patches later.

It turns out that in the next update we will look at our successes in the new tab. Which is definitely good news for all chess fans.