Free Little TFT Legends for Twitch Prime!


As part of the Twitch Prime service, anyone can now unlock two legends in Teamfight Tactics.

Twitch Prime is a special streaming service that allows you to unlock additional content in various games. This time it fell on TFT!

The Twitch Prime service itself is paid, while most people either use the free trial period (just plug in the card and unplug after receiving – you can do it once for one account and card) or simply enter data from various generators.

In any case, nowadays people with Prime can collect in-game rewards in the form of two random little legends.

How to take advantage of the promotion? Just activate Twitch Prime and link your account with League of Legends. 7 days of the trial period is completely free, then if you do not remove payment you will pay $2.99, after six months the price will increase to $5.99.