Description of Viktor’s Buffs Planned for Patch 9.20 in LoL

Riot Games

Viktor’s changes will soon appear on PBE and will be released in Patch 9.20!

We recently announced changes to Wiktor, which were to be shown in League of Legends, originally planned for patch 9.19, while Riot decided to postpone them to the update marked as 9.20.

Therefore, we should see these changes on the test server soon.

A strong figure, but currently hardly present at the finish. To change this, Riot introduced several corrections and reinforcements. They may be a bit too big, but the studio notes that it is still a very test phase and a lot can change.

One of the Riot employees shared on Twitter information about the changes that are being tested at the moment. However, he points out that this is not the final version yet and may change.


  • Scaling on the dial: 8% of maximum mana +0.15 AP => 30 – 115 per level + 0.15 AP


  • Deceleration: 28/32/36/40/44% => 30/24/38/42/45%


  • Damage every 2 seconds => 1 second
  • Number of damage cycles 3 => 6
  • Damage per cycle 130/210/290 + 85% AP => 65/105/145 + 45% AP
  • Augment: 20% movement speed => The storm can now move through the terrain
  • Maximum storm speed 200 => 250
  • Minimum storm speed 300 => 350

Update 9.20 will probably hit servers in early October, around 8.