Batman Leaves Directions. When Will It Appear in Fortnite?


All Fortnite players are eagerly awaiting information regarding Batman’s release date.

Epic Games begins to tease us. The first directions for Batman appear on the map. It turns out that with the advent of a new generator, Batman’s weapon was added.

Let us remind you that the generator appeared in the Crooked Town on September 18, and yesterday it was fully activated (it already creates a gap).

Batman’s Boomerang

Next to the described generator, Epic left us the first tip. See for yourself what the players spotted:

Exactly, it’s Batman’s weapon we’ll probably see in the game. We remind you that the last update introduced two items, one of which was just a boomerang.

All that’s left now is to wait for the seat to change and the entire event to start!

When will Batman appear in Fortnite?

Batman’s 80th-anniversary celebration has now started at the Epic Games store.

We already have Batman Day tomorrow – 21/09/2019, so it’s possible that the whole thing will be activated within a few dozen hours. However, this is not confirmed.