The Voice Actor Apex Legends Trolls People in the Game With the Voice of Pathfinder


Can there be anything better than trolling players properly?

Chris Edgerly is an extremely positive man. This is shown by his Youtube materials, in which he simply trolls players. He goes into matches and pretends to be Pathfinder.

Some are fooled, others are not. However, if we heard something like this …

In our opinion, the film is very underrated and it is worth it to go further into the community. Apex Legends voice actors generally seem to be overlooked in the community. In the case of Overwatch, for example, it looks a bit different – there

However, the film prompted players interesting character development options. Imagine additional issues in this style. A bit stinging, sometimes called “WTF”. It would be something completely different from what we are used to. A little relish, and certainly many a person would smile.

Chris has a second, haunting video on his channel. If you liked it, it’s worth checking out the other one.