The Grace in Overwatch Received a Hidden Nerf


Overwatch players have found that Grace has been weakened with the latest update.

Blizzard sometimes changes something completely without notifying players. Sometimes these are mistakes, other times they are made specially. How is this the case? We’ll probably find out in a few days.

Anyway, now grace is weakened and people who play it every day probably noticed that something is wrong.

One of the users of the Reddit nickname Lightning_Laxus pointed out that the ability to strengthen damage was weakened. In her previous version, Grace received the equivalent of 30% of the damage inflicted by the person being strengthened.

For example, if the fortified Lucio drops the Wieprz map, you get 30% of the HP HP as a charge of the special skill.

Now, this has apparently changed. If Lucio dumps someone from the map, you only receive a charge from sound wave damage. Comparing it with one shot of an amplified Widow in a form – you get nothing. For McCree shots, Grace receives only the first two missiles.


If Fara finishes someone with a final shot, you get nothing because you didn’t take part in the elimination – because the damage of the rocket without reinforcement was enough to eliminate.

This is a really big and unexpected change

It is hard to say why Blizzard decided to think so. Some of the changes described by Lightning_Laxus seem strange and incomprehensible. It gives hope that maybe this is a mistake.

If not, the only sensible explanation seems to be the character’s balance in a certain way – if the character we strengthen for enough damage to eliminate someone alone, then our gain is not counted. It was like he wasn’t there.