Teamfight Tactics Is Dying? “The Number of Players Is Extremely Stable”

Riot Games

Tactical Skirmish mode is considered “dead” by many people. Riot decided to respond to these allegations.

Teamfight Tactics is a really interesting mode that has benefited from the popularity of the so-called Auto Chess. The mode commonly called chess turned out to be a hit, at least in the first weeks of existence.

Riot did his best to stop players and get the community interested in Skirmishes, while many people have already written them off. Is that right

Players say check: Teamfight Tactics is dying!

Yesterday, a user post appeared on Reddit, which pointed out to Riot that in its summaries it disregards the catastrophic situation in Teamfight Tactics. In the post already removed, the player complained that the studio should openly admit that the mode turned out to be a flop in the long run and currently virtually no one plays it.

However, a Riot representative found himself with a slightly different opinion. He assured that the TFT community is extremely stable and does not shrink at all, as it may seem.

The first sentence is very important here when it comes to dead , because what does ” extremely stable” mean to us? However, the number of players has stopped at some level. It is not known, however. In the end, many productions received the “Dead game” patch, and really a lot of people play it.

Riot, however, sees the concerns of players and soon there will be more information about the status of TFT – but we do not know if there will be any specific numbers there.

“Dying” is a popular phenomenon in the most popular games

Many people think that if they do not play something, it is tantamount to dying the game. And so, a year ago, YouTube was flooded with a wave of Fortnite dying movies, we hear the same thing about CS: GO, Overwatch, and even League of Legends at every turn.

However, it is difficult to say that any of these games suffers from a global lack of popularity and has a “plug-in” support from developers.