A Film Is Made With Funko Pop in the Lead Role. Warner Bros. Will Create a Movie About Figurines


Officially confirmed. A film will be made in which Funko Pop figurines will play the main role.

Funko Pop is world-famous figurines that are distinguished by their characteristic body structure. Funko Popy just has very large heads compared to the rest of the body.

Players know these figures perfectly, they appear the same in League of Legends, Fortnite and, for example, Overwatch. In the stores, you can also find serial or film ones.

A movie is made

Now it has been officially admitted that a full-length feature film is being created, in which Funko Pop will play the main roles. It is not yet known how the plot will be conducted or what it will concern.

However, the manufacturer has a lot to show off. The right to so many brands and the ability to create something around games, series, animated films or sports is a huge opportunity.

The movie will come out with Warner Bros. and will be typically animated. Unfortunately, no details have been disclosed at this time.