Xbox Presents a New Controller for Fortnite, Along With the Vertex Skin and 500 V-Dolts

Epic Games

Xbox announced the arrival of a new controller.

As the Xbox writes, the new controller is a beautiful purple design. To be honest, either I have my monitor dimmed or I don’t see this purple construction. Maybe it’s all about the buttons.

There are some nice giveaways to the controller that will definitely come in handy if you play Fortnite.

You can see the appearance below:

What does Microsoft write?

  • Beautiful purple construction
  • Legendary Dark Vertex outfit
  • 500 V bucks
  • Button mapping
  • Bluetooth technology

The controller currently costs PLN 259.00 in the Microsoft store. It will probably go to stationery stores soon, where it can be bought normally. Importantly, however, online shipping is currently free.

Is it worth it

If you still had to buy a new controller, that’s for sure. Additional V-Dolce is a nice thing, in addition, the pad is quite unique – such colors are not found in other editions.

Epic Games

A nice bonus is, of course, the Vertex skin, quite unique when it comes to Fortnite.