Something Big Is Coming up at Fortnite? A Very Suspicious Situation

Epic Games

You probably don’t even know that at Fortnite we currently have an interesting and strange situation.

I don’t remember that there has been such a strange period in recent weeks or even months. What is it actually about? This week, content should be updated, and we completely do not know what will be in it.

But what do you know and is weird? Yes. As we all know, Fortnite updates are divided into two types:

  • Full – That is, like last week with new skins, etc.
  • Content Updates – With balance and new item

This week, content should be updated. And do you think we should write about a new weapon or a new object? Exactly.

Epic Games

During the last full update, no new weapon or item was shown. Nothing like that has appeared in the files or is additionally secured. Therefore, one may come to the conclusion that something bigger than usual is being prepared.

Two updates?

In addition, we know that Epic has planned update 10.31 this week to fix bugs. It is not known, however, when it will appear. Therefore, it is possible that there will be a download patch and a second, with a content update. The only question is what will this content update bring …

We’re still waiting for some news on the rocket. This today has already jumped into the third stage. Perhaps we will see something with her?