Fortnite Players Found Information Pointing to a Space Spot

Epic Games

Last night, a cosmic skin was discovered to appear soon in Fortnite.

Yesterday’s skin as you can see strongly affected the imagination of players. The following information is very unconfirmed, the person who gives it likes to color their finds sometimes.

Space Seat?

Sounds really probably. Especially since we have just seen the cosmic skin. According to FireMonkey, information about something that has been named appears in the files:


“Travelers” – that is the name of the skin we showed yesterday. If we have their home here, then maybe somehow a space ship will appear on the map, I don’t know. These are, of course, guesses and more clues than strong evidence for a new seat.

Epic Games

Today’s update

However, today’s update at 10:00 is really suspicious. Epic Games announced it with the words “Time to mobilize.” What could this mean? Who or what are we to mobilize before?