Will We See a New Map Next Season? The Amazing Theory of Fortnite Players

Epic Games

However, with more interesting theories about the new season!

Theories are always many, but this one is very interesting and can make sense! Will we get a new map in the eleventh season?

New Meteor Rising challenges were unlocked yesterday so that we can get the Scientist’s skin. Interestingly, the tasks are to expire immediately after the end of season X. The season itself is to end on October 6 at 20:00. Epic Games, of course, confirms the date, so there is no mistake here. The date is unusual, but to get there we need to delve into the dates of the start of previous seasons.

  • Season 2: Thursday, December 14
  • Season 3: Thursday, February 22
  • Season 4: Thursday, May 1
  • Season 5: Thursday, July 12
  • Season 6: Thursday, September 27
  • Season 7: Thursday, December 6
  • Season 8: Thursday, February 28
  • Season 9: Thursday, May 9
  • Season X: Thursday, August 1
  • Season 11: Sunday, October 6

A few months ago Epic published a post on its blog mainly talking about the development of the game. They stated that “the weekend is the perfect time for the largest number of players to experience unique one-time moments.”

Season X is the first to end on the weekend.

Season X is considered the last on the current map. As we wrote earlier, many names of new spots leaked, and the game itself needs a little refresh.

If it turns out this is the last season on the current map, it looks like Epic Games wants to say goodbye to it with a bang!

Let’s also remember that nothing can happen at all, and these are just leaks. In addition, knowing Epic Games, they will do something that nobody expects!