The official book about League of Legends. All information about LoL: Realms of Runeterra


Riot Games releases the official book about the world of League of Legends.

This is Riot’s first book dedicated to the League of Legends storyline. It’s definitely worth getting interested in the subject if you’re fans of the studio’s stories or the history of the game world itself.

Practically all information about Realms of Runeterra has already been disclosed, so it’s time to bring them closer.

Realms of Runeterra

We know that the book is to be devoted to the history of Runeterra. As described, he will reveal unknown threads to us, discover information about conflicts and secret alliances. We will also learn the details of the world created by Riot Games.

Inside you will also find “hundreds of illustrations” showing previously unknown places or conceptual sketches.

Riot Games

At the moment we will get the book at different prices, from 100 to 130 zlotys depending on the source. You can order it on sites like Amazon. Brokers are listed on the official website – CLICK

It is worth noting that the presale only covers books in the English version, it is not yet known when and if the item will be translated into Polish.

The premiere of the book is announced on November 5, 2019. Then the shipment of physical copies and versions for Kindle will begin.

Is it worth being interested?

I have the impression that a lot depends on the translation. If the book is in Polish, it can be much nicer received in our country. Riot often uses words and phrases that are sometimes really difficult to decipher. Hence, if someone does not know English very well, they will have pictures to watch – and this is probably not the point.