Has Role Blocking Made You Come Back or Start Playing Rankedy?


The role block has been in Overwatch for some time. The time has come to say “check”.

Blockade of roles was in Overwatch, of course, to eliminate completely the finish lines like “Goats”, consisting of three support heroes and three tanks.

In addition, they were to encourage players to choose the ranking mode, which from now on was supposed to be no different from fast games.

How did that work?

At present, many people declare that they do not see much difference between ranked matches and fast (not classic) games. It is a bit exaggerated, but I can even believe it in some percentage.

Apparently players now instead of willing to play rankedy, they have already completely switched to quick matches. Less stress, less pressure, rewards in the rankings are “weak?” So why choose them?


We are extremely curious to see how the role block has affected your matches. Have you started playing rankedy, or just the opposite, and now you choose only fast games?