G2 Got a Financial Penalty. One Player Played WoW During LEC?


World of Warcraft has returned to the favor of the players, some have become even more involved than they should have been.

Riot Games has punished one of the players (and at the same time the organization) of G2 Esports for a rather unusual reason. It turns out that top laner Martin “Wunder” Hansen has been punished for playing the Blizzard title.

G2 received a financial penalty of EUR 1,000. Commercial infringement is the official reason. Let us remind you that Rouge had a similar situation and then the team had to pay a thousand euros.

It is not known when Wunder played the recently popular MMO, but it is speculated that during LEC games the player simply played WoWa using Alt + Tab.

Computers are provided by Riot, so such things come out immediately. The question was, did Wunder get so bored that he installed World of Warcraft and decided to de-stress?

G2 doesn’t care much and even seems to be joking about the situation on his Twitter. The organization thanked Riot for giving a reason to uninstall WoW Classic from the player’s computer.

We would like to officially thank you for this punishment (…)

WoW Classic, a League of Legends

World of Warcraft Classic is a return to the classic version of the game. Blizzard’s idea was heavily based on private social servers and well, it was quite successful. Now the popularity is falling slightly because players are just reaching their maximum levels.

For example, WoW lost around 32% of its audience last week. League of Legends is chasing the title of Zamieci and as the only game on the platform with TOP 5 has not lost its viewers recently.