Fortnite Players Have Discovered the Appearance of a New Space Skin!

Epic Games

The new skin is coming to Fortnite, the appearance of which has just been discovered.

The information is not confirmed.

At night, the Fortnite community made another discovery. After searching the files, it turned out that there is one more skin.

This time the skin raises space issues. It looks really interesting.

Fortnite Traveler skin

In the English version of the game, the skin is called “Traveler”, so it can be assumed that in Polish it will be “Traveler”. This gives us a hint that the skin actually refers to the subject of space and travel between planets.

Epic Games

It is not known when the skin should be in the game or whether it will appear. According to preliminary information, it was additionally secured. It is possible that it will appear on September 20 with reference to zone 51.