Apex Legends Shows New Ranked Rewards


Apex Legends showed new awards that could be won in ranking mode last night.

According to the creators, they managed to get the number of players on the servers, which remains relatively stable. Therefore, Respawn can create new content in peace without worrying about the escaping community.

new legend begins to wander around the world of Apex – Crypto, but at this moment the creators are still waiting with the official announcement and presenting new cosmetic elements.

An award trailer has appeared on Apex’s official Twitter profile. We will see there new weapon pendants, falling effects, or weapon skins.

What’s going on in Apex?

Recently, the biggest tournament in Apex Legends took place in Krakow, as a result of which the popularity of the game went up a bit. In addition, everyone is waiting for a new legend, which will probably be Crypto.

Trailers slowly appear on the map, and the creators smuggled ambiguous clues at various times during the tournament.