This Would Look like Voting for a Map in Overwatch


Two days ago we wrote about the proposal to introduce a map selection system to Overwatch.

According to most readers, such a solution could be really useful. Properly developed would be a nice way to bypass maps that we just don’t like.

It did not take long to await the proposal on what such voting/banning/ electing would look like.

The Reddit user nickname purewasted has created a really good concept for a possible voting system. What would it look like?

According to purewasted, this solution brings only benefits and, contrary to popular belief, it would not kill some maps for good.

You can read all his comments in the original topic on Reddit.

A mock-up for how Map Voting could work from Competitiveoverwatch

The proposal seems to make sense. Will Blizzard decide to introduce it? Hard to say. We are about to get some additional system or function that the community has often asked for.

Maybe it’s really about the map ban system?