The Rocket Will Return To Fortnite. It Will Be In The Musty Warehouse!

Epic Games

The latest information seems to reveal the return of the rocket!

Update 10.30 does not cease to surprise. Restoration of spots, many cosmetic items and … As it turns out, a small announcement of the return of the rocket!

Currently, new construction has been built in Stęchły Skład.

Players started rummaging in the files. It turned out that a new version of the rocket was introduced to them. What’s even more interesting, we managed to recreate its appearance directly in Fortnite.

Rocket in the Musty Composition

The rocket is to stand exactly in the designated place. See for yourself:

So promises to be a replay of entertainment. The rocket had already appeared in Fortnite once, then it left us slots that mixed up well.

We are extremely excited about the restart!