Kai’Sa New Character In Teamfight Tactics, Will Appear In Patch 9.19!

Riot Games

Riot officially announced that the next character in Tactical Skirmish mode will be Kai’Sa.

Teamfight Tactics may have lost their popularity a bit, while Riot cares for the continuous development of the mode. Kai’Sa is added to the character pool on this occasion.

Kai’Sa in Teamfight Tactics

We know that the character will have the class Ranger & Assassin. Other information:

  • Origin: Void
  • Ability: Kai’Sa jumps behind the furthest enemy, receiving a shield and high attack speed for a few seconds.
  • Cost: 5


(2): One of the Void heroes deals imminent damage
(4): All of the Void heroes deal imminent damage

The character will come to the game with update 9.19, now it can be tested on the test server.