And Brigitte Is Still Bugged, After a Few Months She Still Has Problems With ULT


Brigitte still suffers from a mistake that players have been pointing to Blizzard for a few months.

Overwatch suffers from many different errors. One of them is a strange reaction of a character’s skills to LOS change. If on the skill line, whether our hero there are stairs or edges, then some skills simply stop working.

This is the case of Brigitte, whose error prevents her from using her special ability.

Game breaking not but annoying

Players noticed a few months ago that when Brigitte uses a special skill, and allies are on the stairs, or just behind an edge, they do not get any bonuses from Brigitte.

One of the Reddit users showed it well:

New Brigitte Rally Bug from Overwatch

It was discovered a few months ago, probably even when Brigitte left, this error was mentioned. Reinhardt suffered something similar, whose charge could be interrupted even by a small curb.

Blizzard did not comment on this error in any way. It is not known if it will ever be repaired.