A Red, Huge Tornado Will Happen Soon? Player Theory


According to players, this season we will see a huge tornado on the map.

So many things are happening at Fortnite that some of them can be completely missed. This was the case with the tornado, which was discovered a really long time ago.

Now, according to players, the time has come to use it

New Kevin will consume energy and create a tornado?

One of the players on reddit suggested a theory about the returning cube. According to him, Kevin will be at some point next to the generator and will consume his energy. The result will be this tornado:


Just 2 years ago we would say that it is completely impossible. Today, after so many events, we are inclined to believe it.

Duskyxlops thinks that it will happen tomorrow – of course this is not confirmed and there is no reason why it would happen tomorrow. Unless we consider the appearance of two generators as a prophecy of something special. OK then.