The Training Tool Upgrade Will Soon Be in the Game!


Riot introduces additional options to the training tool!

The training tool allows us to test characters, new builds or check tactics. Soon there will be new options that will help us in this.

Additional options

Virtually all of us have ever used a training tool. One of the Rioters, having time between projects, dealt with additional options and introduced several new products.


  • The option that advises against all jungle camps has been divided into two parts
    • He advises against all jungle and Herald camps
    • He advises against all camps in the jungle and Baron Nashor
  • Fast scrolling the game by 10 minutes, not just 30 seconds
  • Ultimately, the balls no longer have 10,000 HP and 100 armor, 100 MR. Now they have 1000 HP and 0 armora, MR.
  • Four new codes affecting heroes
    • Add 100 HP to the enemy
    • Delete 100 maximum HP points to the enemy
    • Add 10 armors and MR
    • Remove 10 armors and MR
  • The ability to immediately kill your hero – if, for example, we want to test the passion of Sion or Karthus

They are probably all new products, they will appear on PBE next week.